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Inventor 2013 Professional Tube and Piping Training Course on DVD

Professional Tube and Piping training course on dvdOne of the added features of Autodesk Inventor Professional 2013 is the Tube and Pipe component. The Inventor Tube and Pipe environment allows you to simplify the design of routed tube and pipe runs.

With over 4 hours of instructor led training, our AutoDesk Inventor 2013 Tube and Pipe training course on DVD will show you how to style, edit and route tubing, piping, flexible hoses and other  custom components.

With 47 video lessons, our tutorials will help you effectively use this Inventor 2013 Professional Add-In, which will also increase your productivity and skills.

Your training will begin with an overview of the essentials of working with this program, on a variety of tube and pipe assembles, including: flexible hoses, rigid pipes, tubes with bends, self-draining pipes and more.

Inventor 2013  Tube & Pipe Video based lessons on DVD

About Your Trainer

Takes you on a journey through each of the 47 individual lessons, explaining each step of the way. And you have access to the same exercise files that your instructor has used, so you can re-create what you have seen, on your own desktop.

Inventor 2013 -Professional Tube & Pipe Training Course Outline


  • Tube and Pipe Assembly
  • File Management and Naming
  • Runs and Routes
  • Tube and Pipe Styles
  • Create Routes Automatically
  • Populate Routes

Rigid Pipe

  • Route Rigid Pipe with Dimensions
  • Use Existing Geometry to Route Rigid Pipes
  • Point Snap and Rotation Snap
  • Revise Rigid Pipe Routes
  • Rigid Pipe Styles
  • Rigid Pipe Fittings
  • Connect Rigid Pipe Fittings
  • Replace Rigid Pipe Fittings
  • Create New Rigid Pipe Styles
  • Display Options
  • Copy a Route

Tubing with Bends

  • Routing Tubing with Dimensions
  • Routing Tubing Using Existing Geometry
  • Point Snap and Rotation Snap in Tubing
  • Edit Tubing Routes
  • Change Tubing Styles
  • Place Tubing Fittings
  • Connecting and Replacing Tubing Fittings
  • New Tubing Style
  • Copy Master Run in Tubing

Flexible Hose

  • Flexible Hose Routes
  • Edit Hose Lengths
  • Edit Hose Routes
  • Change Styles
  • Place Fittings
  • Create a New Style

Custom Components

  • Parts for Authoring
  • Custom Pipes
  • Custom Tubing 
  • Custom Hoses
  • Custom Pipe Fittings
  • Custom Tubing Fittings
  • Custom Hose Fittings
  • Self Draining Fittings
  • Publish Parts to Content Center
  • Batch Publishing

Self-Draining Pipe

  • Self-Draining Lines Style
  • Define Gravity
  • Self-Draining Routes
  • Edit Self-Draining Routes


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AutoCAD Inventor 2013 Tube and Piping DVD
Course Outline

4+ Hours of Training
47 Individual Lessons, plus Exercise Files

DVD Course
(item # 4dinv13tp)
Sale price: $95.00


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