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CompTIA A+ Training Course Exam Test

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Directions - On a sheet of paper, write the numbers 1-20 going down the length of the page. Write your answer to each of the following questions by its corresponding number:

  1. What type of Protocol is used to contact a WWW Server?
    A. HTTP
    B. FTP
    C. Gopher
    D. SLIP
  2. What device converts AC to DC, provides cooling and provides DC power to peripheral devices and motherboard?
    A. CPU
    B. Power Supply
    C. Fan
    D. Modem
  3. What capacities are associated with 3.5" floppy drives?(Select two answers)
    A. 360KB
    B. 720 KB
    C. 1.2MB
    D. 1.44 MB
    E. 2.44 MB
  4. Printers normally connect to a ________ port.
    A. Serial
    B. SCSI
    C. Parallel
    D. IDE
  5. A Microprocessor's speed is rated in________.
    A. Gigabytes
    B. Megahertz
    C. Milliseconds
    D. Nanoseconds
  6. What is another name for microprocessor?
    A. Math co-processor
    B. Chassis
    C. CPU
    D. Synchronous multiprocessor
  7. Which of the following is not a common type of hard drive? (Select all that apply)
    A. IDE
    B. SCSI
    C. ECP
    D. TCP/IP
  8. What command is used to partition the hard drive?
    A. FDisk
    B. Format
    C. Part
    D. Divide
  9. What are directories called in Windows 95?
    A. Folders
    B. Files
    C. Executable
    D. Sectors
  10. Which is not a filing system used by a Windows Operating System?
    A. FAT16
    B. FAT32
    C. NTFS
    D. WindowsFAT
  11. What does ISP stand for?
    A. Internet Standard Protocol
    B. Internet Service Protocol
    C. Internet Service Provider
    D. Improved System Performance
  12. The term associated with transferring messages across the Internet is known as __________ (Select the best answer)
    A. FTP
    B. E-mail
    C. HTTP
    D. HTML
  13. To prevent overheating, a heat sink and a cooling fan are mounted on the CPU?  True or False
  14. In order for Plug and Play to work, both the computer and device must support it.  True or False
  15. Zipped files can be opened by any program on your computer? True or False
  16. When a program does not respond, you need to press Ctrl(+)Alt(+)Del once for the computer to reboot?  True or False
  17. Files you delete from a floppy drive or a network drive go into the Recyle Bin until you permantely delete them? True or False
  18. When you create a new folder, you can change the defaults folder's name? True or False
  19. DVD uses a compact disk to store audio, video and computer data,  but is faster and has much greater capacity than  CD-ROM?  True or False
  20. Which best explains Virtual Memory?
    A. Uses hard disk space in place of physical RAM
    B. Stores information when the computer's power is turned off
    C. Provides alot of low cost memory
    D. The type of memory used in most video games

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