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Apple Certifications

apple certification

Apple's OS X Courses are designed for Networking professionals who need training to perform the following tasks

  • Adding a Mac operation system to a Windows environment or other networking environment
  • Support OS X users in a business, education institution or school district
  • Managing networks of OS X systems in an organization, company or educational facility
  • Manage complex, multi-platform networks that include OS X systems with other network environments

Apple Certified Technical Coordinator (ACTC) 10.9

The Apple Certified Technical Coordinator (ACTC) 10.9 combines the two Mavericks courses: Mavericks 101 and Mavericks 201  and corresponding certification exams. This class will give experience IT professionals and entry-level system administrators the knowledge and  tools required to implement and maintain a network that uses OS X Server.

The class includes extensive hands on labs in-depth exploration of functionality and troubleshooting in OS X and the best methods for effectively supporting users of OS X systems. Our hands on labs will cover the functions and troubleshooting of the the MAC OS X operating system.

  • Learn to install and configure the OS X operating system in many network environments 
  • You will gain the skills, tools, and knowledge to implement and maintain a network that uses OS X Serve
  • Tools for efficiently managing and deploying OS X and software updates
  • Network-based services, such as file sharing, authentication, and printing


This course is a compressed delivery of 2 courses, and should be attended only by those who are
already familiar with the concepts and comfortable working at a quick pace. ACTC Bootcamp is
designed for help desk specialists, technical coordinators, service technicians, and entry-level
system administrators who implement and maintain networks using OS X Server or support Mac
users, technical support personnel in businesses that use Mac computers for general
productivity or creative design, and technical coordinators or power users who manage
networks of computers running OS X — such as teachers and technology specialists who
manage classroom networks or computer labs.


  • Basic OS X knowledge
  • Basic troubleshooting experience
  • Experience with OS X in a network environment

Course Outline

1. Installing OS X Mavericks
2. Setup and Configuration
3. OS X Recovery
4. OS X Software Updates
5. User Accounts
6. User Home Folders
7. System Security
8. Keychain Management
9. File Systems and Storage
10. FileVault 2
11. Permissions and Sharing
12. File System Troubleshooting
13. Hidden Items and Shortcuts
14. System Resources
15. Metadata and Spotlight
16. File Archives
17. Time Machine
18. Installing OS X Server
19. Providing DNS
20. Exploring the Sever App
21. Configuring SSL Certificates
22. Using Status and Notifications
23. Backing Up OS X Server
24. Managing Local Users
25. Configuring Open Directory Services
26. Managing Local Network Accounts
27. Configuring OS X Server to Provide Device Management
28. Managing with Profile Manager
29. Providing File Sharing Services
30. File Access
31. Using NetInstall
32. Implementing Software Update Service
33. Offering Time Machine Network Backup
34. Providing Security via the VPN Service
35. DHCP
36. Hosting Websites
37. Providing Mail Services
38. Configuring the Wiki Services
39. Implementing Calendar Service
40. Providing Message Service
41. Managing Contacts Service

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