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ISC2 CISSP CBK Review Boot Camp Classes Nationally for Certification

Netwind Learning CenterThis is the only review seminar endorsed by (ISC)2 (the organization that created and manages the CISSP certification) to familiarize you with the CISSP CBK. The five-day review seminar is the most comprehensive, complete review seminar discussing the entire information system security common body of knowledge.

The benefit of this 5-day boot camp review class is to help the individual prepare for the exam. However, it also serves as a very good learning tool for concepts and topics, known as the Common Body of Knowledge (CBK), related to all aspects of information systems security.

We also offer the CISSP Seven Day Boot Camp

Relevant job titles include:

  • Computing/Networking/IT Security Security Consultant
  • Computing/Networking/IT Security Engineer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Information Systems Auditor
  • Security Architect

Dates and Locations of classes

Boot Camp Training Includes:

  • Intensive Hands-on Training Utilizing our (Lecture | Lab | Review)™ Delivery
  • Comprehensive Study Materials and Pre-Class Mentoring, Program Courseware, and Self-Testing Software
  • Five (5) Days of Deluxe Hotel Accommodation
  • 24-Hour Lab and Instructor Access
  • Most Meals; Breakfast,Lunch, Unlimited Beverages, Snacks and Freshly-brewed Coffee

Course Class Outline

Access Control
A collection of mechanisms that work together to create a security architecture to protect the assets of the information system.

Telecommunications and Network Security
Network structures; transmission methods; transport formats; security measures used to provide availability, integrity, and confidentiality; and authentication for transmissions over private and public communications networks and media.

Information Security Governance and Risk Management
The identification of an organization's information assets and the development, documentation, and implementation of policies, standards, procedures, and guidelines. Management tools such as data classification and risk assessment/analysis are used to identify threats, classify assets, and to rate system vulnerabilities so that effective controls can be implemented.

Software Development Security
Addresses the important security concepts that apply to application software development. It outlines the environment where software is designed and developed and explains the critical role software plays in providing information system security.

The principles, means, and methods of disguising information to ensure its integrity, confidentiality and authenticity.

Security Architecture and Design
Contains the concepts, principles, structures, and standards used to design, monitor, and secure operating systems, equipment, networks, applications and those controls used to enforce various levels of availability, integrity, and confidentiality.

Operations Security
Used to identify the controls over hardware, media, and the operators and administrators with access privileges to any of these resources. Audit and monitoring are the mechanisms, tools, and facilities that permit the identification of security events and subsequent actions to identify the key elements and report the pertinent information to the appropriate individual, group, or process.

 Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning
For the preservation and recovery of business operations in the event of outages.

Legal, Regulations, Investigations and Compliance
Computer crime laws and regulations and the measures and technologies used to investigate computer crime incidents.

Physical (Environmental) Security
Provides protection techniques for the entire facility, from the outside perimeter to the inside office space, including all of the information system resources.

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Class Dates and Locations

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*Refund Policy- For full refund, class or boot camp must be canceled in writing, via email or fax at least 22 days before start of class due to arrangement of tests via ISC2.



Schedule of Classes

Training Prerequisites

This course is intended for students who possess a minimum of five years of professional experience in the information security field and direct full-time security professional work experience will be required in two or more of the ten (ISC) CISSP CBK domains

Registration Options

Call : 1-800-617-5586 (352.404.8866)
All major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover)
Company Purchase Orders may be faxed to 1.877.557.3064

Payment in full is due at least 10 business days before the class begins



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