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PC Diagnostic Tools

This product has been Discontinued

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The PC Sentry Diagnostic Kit is designed to provide all your diagnostic tools needed to be a PC Technician. The kit includes the following

  • Expert Check Diagnostic Software - this software is designed to run without the assistance of the Windows operating system being booted. It has its own operating system to boot the computer and run the diagnostic tests. .By being able to run without the operating system booting up you will be able to tell you if the hardware problem is strictly a hardware issue or a problem with one of the Windows drivers. You can also run burn in tests and memory check. The PC Sentry Expert Check also requires the PC computer to have one Floppy diskette drive
  • PC Sentry Board - This post code board tester is designed to provide you quick understanding of the Post Code error and the cause of the error code. The board will also monitor the PC boards  voltages as well. Designed to fit in any PCI Slot. Comes with reference manual.
  • Loop[ Bag Plugs - To test you serial and parallel ports
  • Our PC Test CD-ROM- This CD-ROM comes with over 20 additional tools to assist you with your daily tasks including the Windows registry.

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