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Oracle Boot Camp Classes

oracle boot camp class

The rigorous process of becoming Oracle certified makes you a better technologist. The knowledge you gain through training and practice will significantly expand your skill set and increase your credibility when interviewing for jobs.

97% of the Global Fortune 500 companies use Oracle software. These companies need skilled technologists to implement, develop and administer critical systems. Earning an Oracle certification equips you with these in demand skills, making you a more marketable candidate.

With Oracle Database 12c, candidates will experience the benefits of an Oracle Database that is re-engineered for Cloud computing. Multitenant architecture brings enterprises unprecedented hardware and software efficiencies, performance and manageability benefits, and fast and efficient Cloud provisioning. Oracle Database 12c certifications emphasize the full set of skills that DBAs need in today's competitive marketplace.

Companies value skilled workers. According to Oracle's 2012 salary survey, more than 80% of Oracle Certified individuals reported a promotion, compensation increase or other career improvements as a result of becoming certified.

The skills and knowledge you gain by becoming certified will lead to greater confidence and increased career security. Your expanded skill set will also help unlock opportunities with employers and potential employers.


Netwind Learning center Offers Certification training boot camps for Oracle OCA and OCP DBA certifications. Our boot camp class provides the following:

  • Pre-training on line
  • Hotel
  • Breakfast, lunch and snacks
  • Extended day classes 8:00 am to 9:00 pm
  • Labs
  • Test prepping
  • Certification exams given on site

We recommend to check Oracle's website for any changes in  certification paths. Visit Oracle

Coming soon Oracle 12C OCA DBA Boot Camp

Careers as a Oracle OCA Database Administrator

  • National salaries $59.748 - $118,578
  • Database administration is one of the occupations growing faster than average in the American economy at 15% from 2012-2022, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Here are some of the key skills covered in the Oracle Certified Associate DBA  curriculum. OCA DBA  certified professionals can:

  •     Prepare the database environment and create a new Oracle database.
  •     Manage Oracle instances and set database initialization parameters.
  •     Configure and manage the Oracle network environment.
  •     Manage storage structures in an Oracle  database.
  •     Manage database user accounts and configure user security.
  •     Implement Oracle database security and work with auditing.
  •     Manage Oracle database  alerts and thresholds.
  •     Utilize the enterprise manager support workbench.
  •     Identify the types of failure that can occur in an Oracle database.
  •     Manually backup Oracle databases and setup automatic backups.
  •     Use the data recovery advisor to recover the Oracle database.
  •     Export, import and transfer data between Oracle databases.

Certification Exam

  • Format: Computer based, mult. choice questions (of which there may be more than one correct answer)
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Length: 70 questions
  • Price: $195 (Non Boot Camp Class)
  • Passing Score: 66%

Career Responsibilities

Database administrators manage systems software to build and maintain computer databases. They are responsible for security and related issues, such as ensuring that employees have proper access rights to areas of the database and preventing access by unauthorized personnel. They need to be conversant with the database structure and ensure that data is backed up.

Database administrators also need to be mindful of electronic attack by viruses, Trojan horses and worms. They need to monitor the performance of the system and needs of users constantly in order to upgrade or alter the system. In larger organizations, databases may need to be available at all hours, seven days a week. Because of this, database administrators may find they sometimes must work on call or on evenings and weekends.

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