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PowerPoint 2010 Training - MS Microsoft Office Tutorial Courses Online,

Learn new skills with this course,  which will allow you to produce amazing results however and wherever you work best. Our tutorials teach you to create professional-looking slide-show presentations. This course provides an introduction to the main components of the PowerPoint 2010 interface. It covers beginning and advanced levels from opening and saving a presentation as well as working with slides, formatting text and text boxes, and using templates, themes and video to give your presentations a professional multimedia experience.

You will learn more ways to create and share dynamic presentations with your audience than ever before. Exciting new audio and visual capabilities help you tell a crisp, cinematic story that's as easy to create as it is powerful to watch.

In addition, learn to work simultaneously with other people or post your presentation online and access it from virtually anywhere. Learn to work with the new and improved tools to add power to your presentations with video. Add transition such as fades, learn to format effects, bookmark scenes, and trim videos to give your presentations a truly professional touch.  Finally, learn to prepare your presentation to share with others, or upload it to the Web

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Our Training course includes

    instructor based training Instructor led Video Based Training

    test preps Practice Tests. Review questions to test your knowledge of the material and prepare for the exam

    training time More than 40 Hours of training time

    Proven Success Proven success, with thousands sold to individuals and companies

Beginning Training Level

Getting Started

  • Key elements of the interface
  • Change the view of a presentation
  • Open, save, and close a  presentation
  • Recognize methods for opening a presentation
  • Open a template
  • Add and format text and text boxes on a slide
  • Manipulate slides in a presentation
  • Open a presentation and format text boxes
  • Organize slides and save a presentation

Visually Enhancing Presentations

  • Apply a theme to a presentation
  • Modify a theme
  • Create and format SmartArt
  • Add WordArt to a slide and edit it
  • Add a table to a slide
  • Add a chart to a  slide
  • Format a table
  • Format a chart
  • Work with a theme
  • Work with SmartArt
  • Work with a chart
  • Work with a table

Adding Images to Presentations

  • Insert and format a picture used in a presentation
  • Create a photo album
  • Insert and format clip art
  • Insert and format a shape
  • Apply special effects to an image
  • Add a hyperlink to an object
  • Insert and edit a graphic image in a presentation
  • Find and add clip art to a slide
  • Format a shape and add a hyperlink in a presentation

Using Multimedia and Animations

  • Insert a video into a presentation
  • Insert an audio clip into a presentation and set playback options
  • Apply slide transitions in a presentation
  • Apply animations to a slide
  • Match types of animations with corresponding uses
  • Add a video and an audio clip to a slide
  • Apply a transition to a presentation
  • Apply animations to multiple objects on a slide

Advanced Training Level

Using Advanced Slide Show Tools

  • Create a custom animation
  • Apply triggers to animated objects on a slide
  • Configure the settings for a custom slide show
  • Match slide show types with corresponding examples of when you would use them
  • Set up an action button for a user-run slide show presentation
  • Recognize the procedure for recording narration and slide timings
  • Recognize how to use presentation tools available
  • Add multiple visual and audio effects to a slide
  • Set up a slide show as per given specifications
  • Use presentation tools during a slide show presentation

Collaborating and Sharing Presentations

  • Use the proofing tools available
  • Translation tools
  • Review tools
  • Merge and compare tools
  • Collaborate with one or more team members on a presentation
  • Match file format options  with their corresponding purposes
  • Tools to distribute presentations over the Internet
  • Protect a presentation
  • Prepare a presentation for printing
  • Proof and research words on a slide
  • Finalize a reviewed version of a presentation and upload it to the Web
  • Protect a presentation and prepare for printing



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PowerPoint Training 2010
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