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 Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Administrator Exam MCTS 70-668

Sharepoint 2010 AdministratorMicrosoft SharePoint 2010 is a business collaboration platform where people can collaborate, set up web sites, manage documents, and provide intelligence to make key business decisions. This course provides an overview to planning SharePoint deployment, both logical and physical. This course is one of a series in the SkillSoft learning path that covers the objectives for Microsoft Exam 70-668 (PRO: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Administration). Passing this exam will earn the learner MCITP: SharePoint Administrator 2010 certification.

Target Audience

Senior server administrators and technical leads tasked with planning and deployment of SharePoint 2010. They should have a minimum of two years' experience in planning, deploying, and administering SharePoint 2010 environments and have taken and passed exam 70-667: TS: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Configuring.

Training course includes

    instructor based training Instructor led Video Based Training

    test preps Practice Tests. Review questions to test your knowledge of the material

    training time More than 30 Hours of training time

    Online Training Book Library Online Training Book Library

    Proven Success Proven success, with thousands sold to individuals and companies

Course Outline

Designing a  Physical Architecture

  • Types of logical architectures with corresponding examples
  • Workload
  • Dataset
  • Concepts behind capacity planning and define the capacity targets for the designed environment
  • Access scenarios to their descriptions
  • The features of network topologies
  • SQL server storage and I/O requirements
  • The SQL version to use based on SQL server storage and I/O requirements

Logical Design and Sandbox Solutions

  • Taxonomy with their definitions
  • Steps required to plan managed metadata
  • Classify the steps in the content deployment planning process
  • How to prepare for content deployment
  • When and how to use sandboxed solutions

Deployment Topology and Availability

  • Architectures
  • Factors to consider in determining the type of farm to deploy
  • Steps in planning and creating for a virtual architectures
  • Plan for  farm deployments
  • Virtual deployments
  • The SharePoint availability and strategy level
  • Concept of failover clusters
  • Network load balancing

Planning Service Applications and Component Strategy

  • Business Connectivity Services architecture
  • Security considerations when implementing BCS
  • Manage aspects of solutions that are upgraded
  • Architectural features of business intelligence
  • Business Connectivity Services implementation solution
  • Appropriate business intelligence tools to employ
  • InfoPath form deployment option
  • Workflow used to benefit business
    Predefined workflow
  • Roles administrators and developers are responsible for
  • Deploying InfoPath forms
  • Workflow solutions

Planning Upgrade

  • Hardware requirements
  • Minimum software requirements
  • Operating system requirements
  • Migrate an existing server farm from 32 bit to 64 bit
  • Situations to use either an in-place or database attach upgrade
  • Appropriate hardware, software, and operating system upgrade requirements
  • Plan an upgrade to SharePoint 2010
  • Srategies for migrating databases
  • Handle customizations during upgrade
  • Specific customizations
  • Planning considerations for visual upgrades
  • Strategies for database migration
  • Planning considerations for content migration

Designing Security

  • Planning site permissions
  • Handle permission levels and groups
  • Specify security groups
  • Type of control at the different levels of the administration hierarchy
  • Considerations for planning sites and content
  • Security groups and administration hierarchy
  • Compare classic and claims-based authentication
  • Implement windows authentication
  • Implementing web zones
  • Define authentication methods

Maintenance and Provisioning

  • Maintaining software and updates
  • Maintenance plan and environment it's used in
  • SQL server maintenance plan
  • Tools that can help with search maintenance
  • How to manage updates and upgrades
  • Features of My Sites
  • My Site planning
  • Planning quota management
  • My Site deployment
  • Quota management

Backing Up, Restoring, and Monitoring

  • Planning a backup and recovery strategy
  • Best strategy for backup and recovery
  • Prepare for backup and recovery
  • Group backup and recovery best practices as either procedural or quality assurance related
  • Most appropriate backup and recovery strategy
    Monitoring tasks
  • Vew SharePoint Health Analyzer alerts using Central Administration
  • How to deal with Health Analyzer alerts
    How to monitor and analyze performance data

Planning for Search

  • Search technologies
  • Steps involved in determining a basic design for a search architecture
  • Define a Search Solution
  • Designing a Search Topology
  • Logical components and their corresponding servers in a search architecture
  • Scale out decision points in search architectures
  • Create a scalable search solution

Content Management, Social Computing, and Collaboration

  • Document planning process
  • Metadata-based routing and storage
  • Planning steps required to implement records management
  • Plan for in-place archives
  • Classify the publishing features subsets as either site or site collection level
  • Identify content deployment planning considerations
  • Initiate a document planning process
  • Plan for records management
  • Content deployment solutions
  • User profile planning
  • Planning of My Sites
  • Collaboration solution



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