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Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Training MS Office Tutorials

This course covers the new features and enhancements specifically geared to improving the end user experience. These include enhanced remote file-editing capabilities using Web Apps and mobile devices, improvements to team sites, and enhancements in social computing.

Our training course explores the Server 2010 interface, including the Ribbon as well as changes to team sites and common interface elements. In addition, this course examines enhancements in social computing via My Sites, expertise sharing, tagging, and notes. Collaboration using the Office Web Apps, mobile devices, Microsoft SharePoint Workspace, and enterprise wikis, as well as improvements to the calendar, are also covered.

Microsoft Sharepoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 makes it easier for people to collaborate. You will learn to use its intuitive design to share, check in/check out, and manage your files in structural components known as lists and document libraries. You will also learn to use the dynamic search feature to locate files. This course explores the  interface, how to navigate and search on a SharePoint site, and how to work with lists and document libraries.

Our training course examines MS SharePoint securing, and describes managing SharePoint groups, changing the inheritance for a site, managing permission levels, and configuring item -level security. It also discusses the concept of sandbox solutions. Microsoft SharePoint Business Intelligence solutions allow you to collect, store, and analyze business data to help in making business decisions and streamlining business processes. The dashboard and reporting features give users on-demand access to important business data. This course also covers the use of MS SharePoint dashboard and reporting features. Additional business intelligence features, such as Excel Services, Access Services, Visio Services, PerformancePoint Services, and the PowerPivot for Excel add-in are also discussed.

Our Training course includes

    instructor based training Instructor led Video Based Training

    test preps Practice Tests. Review questions to test your knowledge of the material and prepare for the exam

    training time More than 40 Hours of training time

    Online Training Book Library Online Training Book Library

    Proven Success Proven success, with thousands sold to individuals and companies

New Features

New Features for End Users

  • Recognize the main changes to the interface
  • Use the Ribbon to manage documents
  • Recognize the features of My Site
  • New and improved collaboration features
  • Use new features given a scenario

Beginning Level

Getting Started

  • Navigate between and within subsites
  • Recognize elements of the interface
  • Add list items to a list
  • Filter a list
  • Create a list view i
  • Manage documents in a document
  • Create an instance of a document set in a library
  • add items to a document library and a list

Using SharePoint 2010 with Office 2010

  • Recognize how MS Office and MS SharePoint can be used together
  • Identify scenarios appropriate for using Office Web Apps
  • Create a workspace
    Recognize the features
  • Create a wiki page library
  • Add a colleague to your profile in My Site
  • Work with Office 2010
  • Create a wiki page library

Power Users Level

New Features for Power Users

  • Getting Started section to add a new link to the Quick Launch bar
  • Create a document library
  • Change metadata navigation settings for a SharePoint library
  • Recognize the new and enhanced site management features
  • Configure a library to use document sets
  • Recognize the enhanced features of Site Settings i
  • Manage search and offline visibility for a site
  • Set a site theme
  • Use new or improved features to manage a site

Advanced Level

Managing  Lists, and Libraries

  • Create a subsite
  • Configure the look and feel of a subsite
  • The Recycle bin
  • Create a custom list
  • Add a column to a list
  • Create a document library
  • Configure versioning settings for a library
  • Customize sites, lists, and libraries

Managing Pages and Components

  • Add a web part to a page
  • Modify the properties of a Publishing page
  • Create a Content Organizer rule
  • Enable document sets for a document library
  • Create a Three-state workflow for a list
  • Access site usage reports
  • Customize pages and components

Security and Business Intelligence

  • Add members to a group
  • Create a group
  • Set item-level permissions
  • Recognize how add-ins can be used for business intelligence
  • Identify the benefits of using dashboards
  • Identify the ways you can manage site collection storage limits
  • Create an alert for other users
  • Configure security and alerts



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