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Visio Training 2010- MS Microsoft Office Tutorials

Take diagramming to a bold new level with our Visio Training course. Learn to use the dynamic, data-driven visualization tools and templates, and advanced sharing through the Web features. You will learn to bring the big-picture and real-time data from multiple sources together in one powerful diagram. Then see real-time changes to data right within your diagram, displayed through vibrant graphics such as icons, colors and data bars.

Learn to use the advanced diagramming tools of Microsoft Visio 2010 to help you simplify complexity with dynamic, data-driven visuals and new ways to share on the Web in real time. You will learn to build your diagram with professional-looking templates and modern, pre-drawn shapes. In addition, our training will show you how easy it is to link your diagram to popular data sources, such as Excel or other Office applications. Once the diagrams have been created, this course will also demonstrate how to manipulate, align and connect shapes to achieve professional looking results.

visio 2010

Our Training course includes

    instructor based training Instructor led Video Based Training

    test preps Practice Tests. Review questions to test your knowledge of the material and prepare for the exam

    training time More than 40 Hours of training time

    Online Training Book Library Online Training Book Library

    Proven Success Proven success, with thousands sold to individuals and companies

Beginning Training

Getting Started

  • Create a diagram using a template
  • Recognize how to add a shape to a diagram
  • Add text to a diagram
  • Recognize how to modify shapes in a diagram
  • Open a stencil
  • Create a custom stencil and give it a name
  • Recognize how to connect shapes together
  • Automatically align and space shapes
  • Construct and edit an organizational diagram

Working with Diagrams

  • Add data fields to a shape
  • Format a diagram
  • Use the Organization Chart Wizard to create an organization chart based on an Excel spreadsheet
  • Recognize how to modify an existing organizational chart in Visio 2010
  • Sequence the steps to create an office layout
  • Specify how to modify an office space to accommodate extra employees
  • Sequence the steps to create a simple network diagram
  • Customize the appearance of a diagram
  • Plan for new hires at a company

Collaboration, Evaluation and Printing

  • Search for clip art to add to a diagram
  • Sequence the steps to share a custom stencil
  • Add a hyperlink to an existing shape
  • Activate and deactivate Track Markup
  • Show and hide markup from specific reviewers
  • Identify how to create Ink Shapes
  • Save a diagram as an image
  • Configure Microsoft Visio to print a diagram
  • Enhance diagrams
  • Configure a diagram for review
  • Prepare a diagram for saving and printing



Call 1.800.617.5586 for pricing

Visio Training 2010
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Payment Options

1-800-617-5586 (352.404.8866)
All major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover)
Company Purchase Orders may be faxed to 1.877.557.3064


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