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VMware Certification Classes

vmware classes for certification


VMware offers multiple virtualization offerings to accommodate the needs of any organization. If you are looking to virtualize with vSphere, you can choose from three vSphere editions. Smaller organizations can quickly get started with vSphere Essentials and Essentials Plus Kits, which combine multiple vSphere licenses with vCenter Server for central management. For more information

If you are looking to virtualize and gain insight to workload capacity and performance, you can choose from three vSphere with Operations Management editions. Acceleration Kits, which combine multiple vSphere with Operations Management licenses with vCenter Server for central management, are a great place to start if you are looking for an all-in-one package offering that allows you to deploy virtualization quickly and scale later on as your environment grows.

VMware Horizon

VMware® Horizon™ Suite bridges the gap between end-user needs and IT responsibility, delivering secure, manageable and robust end-user computing across all devices.

Provides the Following

  • Simplified Environment
  • With a simplified environment, you can:
        Transform silos into centralized services –
        Streamline and automate operations –
        Provide a single aggregated workspace for end users – E
        Eliminate incentives for rogue technologies –
        Future-proof your IT investments –


VMware vCloud Suite lets you build and run a vSphere-based private cloud that delivers cloud service provider economics at scale, application provisioning in minutes, and automated operations management

VMware vCloud® Suite delivers a comprehensive vSphere-based private cloud that greatly simplifies IT administration and provides optimum SLAs for all applications. -


Netwind Learning Center offers boot camp classes as well as virtual classes for VMware training. Our boot camps are all inclusive and include hotel, food, extended day classes, meals, test prepping and the certification exam on site. If you can not attend one of our boot camp classes check out our virtual class. The class is streamed live over the internet and labs are included by remote access.

We offer VMware training in the following platforms

  • Boot Camp with extensive test prepping and on site certification exam
  • Virtual Classes - Class delivered online live.
  • Install, Configure and Manage - Basic 5 day course.
  • VMware Extended day class-  extensive labs with extended class hours - 40% of the class time is labs.


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