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Word 2010 Training - MS Microsoft Office Tutorial Courses Online

Our Word 2010 course makes it easy to create and format documents. Learn to use the  live visual preview of various formatting options which allows you to view a variety of formatting changes before actually committing to them. Our course explains the Font formatting options, as well as the Mini toolbar and Live Preview features. In addition, the creation and formatting of bulleted, numbered, and multilevel lists are demonstrated.

Learn to use the enhanced features to create professional-quality documents, discover  ways to work together with people, and almost-anywhere access to your files. Our Word training for 2010 will help you organize and write your documents more efficiently, to help you capture your best ideas whenever and wherever they occur.

Learn to create visually compelling documents more easily than ever, as you discover the features and tools to help you look like a design pro and make your important content stand out with impressive formatting effects--such as gradient fills and reflections--directly to the text in your document. In addition, the course explores tools enable you to add watermarks and backgrounds, as well as to apply many of the processes that allow you to add pictures, Clip Art, and screen shots to your documents.

Microsoft Word 2010

Our Training course includes

    instructor based training Instructor led Video Based Training

    test preps Practice Tests. Review questions to test your knowledge of the material and prepare for the exam

    training time More than 30 Hours of training time

    Proven Success Proven success, with thousands sold to individuals and companies

Beginning Level

Getting Started

  • Recognize tasks you can perform
  • Open a document
  • Create a new document
  • Distinguish between the various ways of entering, selecting, and deleting text
  • Distinguish between the primary functions of key user interface components
  • Basic features

Formatting and Working with Text

  • Apply formatting with the Mini toolbar
  • Format Painter
  • Apply formatting using the Home tab
  • Cut, copy, and paste text in a document
  • Undo and redo actions
  • Create a list
  • Format text

Organizing and Arranging Text

  • Create a custom border and apply it
  • Apply basic shading and borders
  • Work with hidden text and formatting marks
  • Change margins
  • Create indents
  • Adjust spacing
  • Create columns
  • Organize and arrange text

Moving Around in Word

  • Identify features and tools for moving around in a a document
  • Navigation Pane
  • Find and Replace feature
  • Use the Zoom feature
  • Full Screen Reading view
  • Outline view
  • Use the features and tools to view and move around a document, for a given scenario

Structuring Documents

  • Navigation Pane to restructure headings and content
  • Change how Word inserts automatic page breaks
  • Section breaks
  • Add headers and footers to documents
  • Using custom page numbers with documents
  • Add page numbers to documents
  • Use headings, breaks, and page numbers to structure a document

Reviewing Documents

  • Research feature
  • Help feature
  • Automatic spelling and grammar checker
  • Run the spelling and grammar checker
  • Comments
  • Track changes
  • Spellcheck and review a document

Saving, Sharing, and Printing

  • Save a document in a different format
  • Save a document
  • Change the default save options
  • Save and send a document
  • Print a document
  • Save, send, and print documents

Customizing the Behavior and Appearance

  • Create a Quick Style
  • Apply a Quick Style
  • Make document-wide style changes
  • Use AutoCorrect
  • Undo an AutoCorrect action
  • Create a document from a template
  • Save a document as a template
  • Customize the Ribbon i
  • Customize the appearance and behavior

Drawing and Inserting Graphics

  • Add clip art to a document
  • Take and add a screenshot to a document
  • Add a picture to a document
  • Add a shape to a document and edit it
  • WordArt in a document and edit it
  • Add a text box to a document
  • Add SmartArt to a document and edit it
  • Add graphics to a document and edit them

Advanced Level

Using Themes, Backgrounds, Watermarks, and Quick Parts

  • Apply, modify, and save a theme
  • Ceate theme colors
  • Create theme fonts
  • Custom text watermark to a document
  • Picture watermark to a document
  • Picture background to a document
  • Add an item to the Quick Parts gallery
  • Create AutoText in a document
  • Use themes, watermarks, and Quick Parts in a document

Adding Tables of Contents, Footnotes, Hyperlinks, and Bookmarks

  • Create a custom table of contents
  • Update a table of contents
  • Add footnotes and endnotes to a document
  • Customize footnotes and endnotes in a document
  • Create a hyperlink
  • Create a bookmark
  • Create and update a table of contents
  • Customize footnotes and endnotes
  • Create a hyperlink and a bookmark

Forms, Fields, and Mail Merge

  • Content controls to a form
  • Protection to a form
  • Add a field to a document
  • Modify a field in a document
  • Start a mail merge and specify a data source
  • Add mail merge fields to a document
  • Add and modify fields
  • Perform a mail merge
  • Add content controls to a form and protect a form

Managing, Inspecting, and Recovering Documents

  • Restrict editing
  • Create your own digital ID for documents
  • Modify the properties of a document
  • Prepare a document for sharing
  • Recover a document that was closed before saving
  • Use the Document Recovery pane to save a recovered document
  • How to access the tools that can repair damaged files
  • Recover a document, modify its properties, and restrict its editing

Creating and Formatting Tables

  • Create tables
  • Apply a style to a table
  • Modify a table style
  • Select table elements and manipulate their alignment
  • Insert and format a table 0

Manipulating Tables

  • Insert and delete table elements
  • Split cells in a table
  • Manipulate cell size in a table
  • Sort a table
  • Add a formula to a table
  • Modify and sort a table

Embedding Charts and Tables

  • Add tables from Excel
  • Add a chart to a document
  • Change a chart's type, layout, and style
  • Change individual elements of a chart's layout
  • Change the style of a chart element
  • Add a chart and Excel worksheet to a Word document



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