Join Our Reseller Program

Netwind Learning Center offers two options for companies interested in reselling our courses. We offer our reseller program as well as an affiliate program to increase your business and revenues. We achieve this by truly partnering with your company and by having an unrivaled passion in sharing your success.


Benefits of Joining Our Reseller Program

When you become a reseller with Netwind Learning Center, we private label all of our courses with your company logo and branded green screens so the product appears as your own to your customers. We also offer to brand your own LMS (Learning Management System) with your color scheme and logos. There is no reason to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars when we can provide you a custom branded look with your corporate logo for a fraction of the price. We can also offer solutions for your customers that currently have an in-house LMS (Learning Management Software) who just need our training content.In addition, Netwind Learning Center provides you with marketing literature branded with your logo so you can instantly promote your courses and capture interest from potential customers. We are industry experts in the field of IT and Corporate training courses. We can provide you with sales training to help you and your employees learn to market our products in the best manner. With over 20 years of experience in the reseller space of IT training, you get the unique advantage of knowing exactly what will deliver the most success to your company.